About Us

“X Planet” children’s restaurant and café complex started its activity in 2006. In the beginning it was mainly an interesting children’s entertainment place. Within a short period due to its unique interior, design solutions, various events organized to make children’s leisure time unforgettable started to enjoy popularity among wider range of the society. Thus, there arose a necessity to enlarge the variety of the services rendered as much as possible. Especially the demands of the clients, their main preferences which are priority for “X Planet” service staff and management were taken into consideration in this regard.

At present “X Planet” accepts guests of all age both children and adults. We organize events to make family rest more beautiful and pleasant. We would like to mention that we have individual approach to each client. We will take care that your event turns into a real and unforgettable celebration. The children’s events are organized in accordance with the child’s preferences by supplementing it with individual show program, different skill performances of the clowns, children’s song and dance and all this is combined by funny games.

«X Planet » complex, the architect-designer of which is David Nersisyan, reminds of an old castle from old kind fairytales. Here you will meet Baron Munchhausen, The Little Prince and the statues of many other heroes, who have been the inhabitants of this fairy planet since a long time. «X Planet» is full of fountains and waterfalls, which brings the coolness and freshness to the visitors.

During the last years “X-Planet” team was noted for the charity actions organized. The staff frequently has meetings with the children of orphanages. With its surprises, children’s concert programmes the staff entertains the children and gives them positive and unforgettable moments.